Easter Groups

Annual Groups meeting the five weeks leading up to Easter. Join in the 2023 study: Stargazer.

Easter Groups

What is an Easter Group?

Easter Groups are a favorite tradition here at Christ Church and meet once a week during the five weeks leading up to Easter. They help us grow in faith and friendship through meaningful conversation during the season we traditionally call Lent. We'll hear the message on Sunday, then gather with others to discuss what we learned. Groups are available all days of the week at a variety of times and meet at church, in homes, and in the community. Some offer childcare, while others are geared towards a certain gender or age group. Select an Easter Group that fits your schedule, location preferences, and comfort level to enjoy discussion, relationship, and spiritual growth.

Starting a few weeks prior to Ash Wednesday, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a Group that fits your schedule, preferences, and comfort level.

NOTE: When a group hits capacity, it will get marked "closed". If you see a "closed" group that you really want to join, please email [email protected] to see if there's a possibility to add more spots.

About the 2023 Study

Stargazer: Abraham's Story

5-week easter groups start week-of February 26

Journey with Abraham as he navigates challenges and doubts and experiences miracles and wonders. Witness his quiet, persistent faithfulness and his heady, complex questions. See how his story unfolds as he encounters a God that evokes wonder and awe... a God who keeps pointing to a greater and more amazing plan in which Abraham plays a part... a plan that leads to the savior of the world.