CC Youth

6th-12th graders continue their faith journey with youth group, retreats, camps, service, and more.

Youth at Christ Church

Community, growth, and service for 6th-12th graders

We believe that an all-encompassing student program is the key to raising up impact youth. Through Sunday Night Youth Group, community, worship, retreats, and service, our middle schoolers and high schoolers are laying spiritual foundations for the rest of their lives.

Making God's Word applicable to our middle school and high school students is important in helping them deal with all the tricky stuff out there. We are committed to fostering impact youth that make a difference in our community and understand their God-given gifts.

Sundays for Students

10:30AM - 6th Grade Worship Group

6-7:30PM - Impact Youth Group for 6th-12th

*during school year

Stay in the Loop

Student Involvement

Adult Involvement

Recommended Faith Steps

Nathan Miske, Youth Director

[email protected]

office: (262) 243-3093

cell: (262) 355-5251