Music & Arts Teams

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Music & Arts Teams

A key value at Christ Church is to meet people where they are and speak to them in whatever way is natural for them. We find that the two most impactful and effective tools we can use to differentiate our three unique worship room experiences are music and art.

Chapel Music

Whether or not you typically attend 8:00 services in the chapel, we'd love to have you lead hymns and provide special music for this service.

  • Soloists & Musicians
  • CC Chapel Singers
  • CC Handbell Ringers

Praise Bands

A variety of musicians are scheduled each week to provide worship music in our East and West Auditoriums.

  • Drummers
  • Bassists
  • Electric and acoustic guitarists
  • Keyboard players
  • Singers
  • And more

Creative Arts & Drama

Used most often in the West Auditorium and on holidays , creative arts and drama can be used to enhance worship and make the experience more memorable and impactful.

  • Set builders
  • Artists
  • Actors & writers
  • Decorators
  • and more!