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We are giving Ramsey+ memberships to anyone and everyone, including you!

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What is it?

Question: Who is it for?

  • Need help with money?
  • Need a refresher?
  • Need to stay focused?
  • Need to think about legacy?
  • Need to teach the next generation?
  • Need to hear what God thinks about money?

Answer: Everyone, including you!

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Everyone? Does that mean I can share it?

YES! You can give this as a gift to your friend, relative, neighbor, or a person you met at the grocery store or gas pump.

As a church for those not here yet, this gift is for those not here yet. Let's be radically generous and give it away to everyone!

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What's included?

Apps, videos, printouts, audiobooks, and content including Financial Peace University, Ramsey Smart Tax, EveryDollarApp, Livestream Events, Legacy Journey, Smart Money Smart Kids, Know Yourself Know Your Money, and more!