Calendar Request

Submit an event or ministry for the calendar and/or promotion

Event/Ministry Request

Please be mindful about how much lead time might be necessary for the church to best support your specific request. We recommend at least 2 WEEKS for a continuing ministry, 4-6 WEEKS for internal promotion, and 6-8 WEEKS for outreach initiatives.

THANK YOU for your service to Christ Church! Before you continue: 

  1. Pray and ask for God's guidance
  2. Check your ideas with the mission and vision of Christ Church and the Bible
  3. Find two or more people who share your vision for the ministry or event
  4. Connect with an appropriate staff member about your idea (especially if this is related to Groups)

The office will contact you soon to acknowledge your request, talk through the details, and connect you to the appropriate staff member(s). You do NOT need to fill out the Reserve a Room form in addition to this one. Leadership is committed to helping your team and your ministry succeed in reaching others for Christ. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time: 262-243-3093 or [email protected].

* NOTE: The Communications Team will determine the best promotional plan for your specific ministry or event as it relates to the full picture of upcoming CC opportunities. If you know that you would like Atrium space, please e-mail [email protected] with your preferred date(s) as early as possible, as space is limited and fills quickly.