Student Communion Class

One-day communion class for 5th-8th graders. This year's dates are Oct 9, Jan 22, and Apr 30.

Student Communion Class

Oct 9, 2021 / Jan 22, 2022 / Apr 30, 2022

9 AM - 1 PM in the Elementary Worship Room

Our Student Communion Class is open to students 5th grade and above who have not already completed a pre-communion course. This one-day hands-on experience will explain the importance and meaning of communion, The Lord's Supper, at Christ Church. 5th-8th graders should complete our Student Communion Class before participating in communion during worship. First Communion will be received by the students on the Sunday immediately following the class.

You can sign up for the next class by clicking the button below. This year's class options are:

  • Sat Oct 9, 2021
  • Sat Jan 22, 2022
  • Sat Apr 30, 2022

A letter containing class details will be emailed to registered participants the week before the class begins; please direct earlier questions to [email protected]. Parents are asked to attend a potion of the end of the class for a special presentation time.

Sample Class Schedule:

9:00am-10am - class lessons & activities using "Fed & Forgiven" workbook.

10am-11:30am - create a personalized communion cup & a "quilt piece" representing each student as a member of the body of Christ.

11:30am-12:30pm - class lessons & activities using "Fed & Forgiven" workbook.

12:30pm-1pm - Parents return for information on "what to expect" on Sunday and a blessing of the students.