Hephatha Lutheran Church

Help teach urban women the dangers of co-sleeping and the wonders of God's love.

Strong Baby Sanctuary

One of the ministries of our strategic partner, Hephatha Lutheran Church, is Strong Baby Sanctuary. They're located at 1720 W Locust St in Milwaukee and, through this ministry, Hephatha opens their hearts, minds, and doors as a safe place of love, compassion, support and knowledge to the most vulnerable of God's children, giving them a chance at living a full and healthy life. Christ Church is teaming up with other faith communities in setting babies, mothers, fathers and families as a top priority, providing a knowledge base that enables them to care for their children.

At monthly Mother and Baby Gatherings, opportunities are offered through Bible study, educational speakers, lunch, and discussion time. Participants also have the opportunity to shop their Baby Food Pantry and Emporium. They plan to provide separate gatherings with similar opportunities for expectant women in the near future.

Contact Louise Meyer to get involved: [email protected]