Christ Church celebrates infant, child, and adult baptisms as well as affirmation of baptism.


We believe in the importance of baptism for infants, children and adults. We encourage our children to experience God’s grace from infancy. If you or your child(ren) have not yet been baptized, we invite you to do so at any age. If you are an adult and have not been baptized, we encourage you to affirm Jesus is Lord through baptism.

If you were baptized previously and have returned to your faith after a time away, we'd like to celebrate Affirmation of Baptism with you.

We rejoice with you in this special time and we look forward to encouraging and supporting you.

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About the Baptism Process

Please complete the appropriate application above to initiate your spiritual journey towards baptism.

If you're an adult and have previously been baptized, we welcome you to affirm your baptism at Christ Church.  

Upon submission of this application, the Christ Church Baptism Liaison will review your request with our pastoral staff and contact you to discuss next steps.

Our baptisms are typically held at the 8:00am and the 10:30am worship services unless otherwise requested.

We invite all adults to purposefully consider undergoing our Discipleship Program (10 sessions of one-on-one basic faith conversations) in tandem with baptism as a way to support and grow your Christian faith.