Media Team

Service opportunities for those interested in technology.

Media Team

Christ Church has been given the incredible gift of state-of-the-art technology, which we use to communicate the power of Christ in a meaningful way for today's culture. There are many opportunities to serve:

  • Computer Tech: Operate our worship projection program during worship
  • Camera Tech: Operate our cameras and lighting cues during worship
  • Lighting Tech: Operate the lighting cues during worship; if interested, even learn how to program lighting
  • Sound Tech: Operate our digital sound board during rehearsals and worship

To learn more, stop by the Media Room between services or fill out the Get Involved form below.

Technology & Communications

If you are more on the creative end, there are opportunities available working with the website, printed promotions, video, and photography. Did you know, we welcome your event, people, and facility photos at any time?

To learn more, e-mail or fill out the Get Involved form below.