Welcome & Hospitality

Parking | Greeters | Ushers | Communion | Coffee & Connections

Got a Great Smile? Use it for Jesus!

Parking & Shuttles

Believe it or not, most visitors decide within ten minutes whether or not they'll be back to Christ Church, and much of this experience takes place in the parking lot!

Help us make a positive and welcoming first impression by serving as a Driver, a Host, or a Parking Assistant on Sunday mornings.

Greeters & Ushers

A guest's Atrium experience is just as important as the parking lot! Whether you welcome people at the door, help them at the Welcome Desk, or give tours, this team is vital to the Sunday morning experience.

Communion Setup & Service

We offer grace through The Lord's Supper every Sunday, and it takes 30 people to make it happen weekly. You can serve while you worship!

Coffee & Connections

What would church be without community? The chance to connect with others over a cup of coffee and some snacks encourages people to come back each week to receive more of what Jesus has for their lives.