Welcome & Hospitality Teams

Greeters | Ushers | Communion | Coffee & Café

Welcome & Hospitality Teams

One of the most frequent comments we receive from our first-time guests is how incredibly welcoming Christ Church is. Of course, it takes a big team to ensure that happens every single week. You can serve while you worship, or worship-one serve-one... whichever fits your schedule the best. Kids can be good helpers alongside you, as well! You choose how often you'd like to serve, and we'll train you.

Greeters & Ushers

A guest's experience begins from the moment they arrive. Whether you're smiling and opening the door, helping people find a seat, answering questions at the Welcome Spot, guiding people in their faith journey at the Next Steps spot, or giving building tours, you're creating the experience that will help people decide to come back again.

Communion Servers & Setup

We celebrate communion at every worship service every Sunday, and we look to volunteers to help. Whether you serve the bread or wine during a worship service, set up the altars between services, or bake communion bread at home, it's an honor to personify God's grace.

Coffee & Café

Community is what strengthens and maintains a church family and this is why we love coffee and food so much at Christ Church! Whether you stock our coffee stations with a smile or serve customers at the CC Café, you're helping people build friendships and support groups.