Care Groups

Giving and receiving care.

Prayer Partners

Caring couples and individuals devoted to supporting our church family through in-person prayer on Sunday mornings

Contact John & Sandi Chowaniak - [email protected] - [email protected]

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Prayer Team - E-mailed Prayer Requests

People dedicated to prayer over Christ Church and its members' requests from the comfort of their own homes

Contact Trudy Zarling to subscribe - [email protected] - 262-375-2780

Megan’s Friends

Christ Church, Education Room

Monday evening, 3rd of each month

Bible stories, crafts, music, and friendship for young adults with special needs

Contact Laurie Brandenburg - [email protected] - 262-424-7146

Prayer Warriors

Christ Church

Select evenings

People dedicated to prayer over Christ Church and its members' requests

Contact Trudy Zarling to join - [email protected] - 262-375-2780

Provide a Meal

Provide periodic meals when someone in our church family is going through a difficult time

Contact Renee Andrews to subscribe - [email protected]