11/29 Message Notes

Give Thanks: Part 4

All scripture is cited in New Living Translation (NLT) Unless Otherwise Noted.

Part 4: Give Thanks


“Giving thanks is the last thing on our minds...”

Discipline #1: 

Pay attention to what gets your attention

Discipline #2: 

Come to church. 

Discipline #3: 

Tell God stories. 


Give is a verb.

To give thanks for what you have, be ready to give what you have.  

OT Offerings (the formal practice of giving)

Tithe (Maintenance)

Peace Offering (Holidays)

Freewill Offering (Celebration)

Thank Offering (Deliverance)

Psalm 107:21-22

21 Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. 22 Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and sing joyfully about his glorious acts.

Jesus gives deliverance.

Jesus people give _________. (radically). 

Discipline #4: 

Give to give thanks. 

Discipline #4: Give to give thanks.

Discipline #3: Tell others good stories... Tell others God stories…

Discipline #2: Come to church.

Discipline #1: Pay attention to what gets your attention.


1) What got your attention this past week? Were you able to see God’s goodness this week? Where? How?

2) You came to church! How does coming to church foster giving thanks in your life this week?

3) What sorts of stories did you tell this week? What was the best story you told to others this week?

4) What does “giving” look like in your life right now? Where, how, and what do you give?

5) Why and how does Jesus’ sacrifice inspire sacrifice in the lives of Christians? What does “radical” Christian giving look like?

6) What does it mean for you to “give thanks” going forward?