Parking Updates

Check in here for the latest information on parking and traffic patterns.

Updated NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Parking Updates

As of November 15, all parking is in place, paved, and striped for official use. The new south driveway is also available for use but, for safety's sake, it is exit-only until modifications have been made to Port Washington Road.

ENTERING: Please continue to enter where you always have, and continue in to the right where you can access both the south parking lot and the east parking lot.

EXITING: You may exit via the north access road by the pond, as we have been doing, or you may use the new south driveway. PLEASE DO NOT park in, or exit through, the entrance lanes on Sundays. This is vital for the safety of our walkers, drivers, and shuttles.

A drop-off lane is available, and shuttle service runs 8:45-9:30 and 10:15-11:00. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all navigate through these new parking habits!

New traffic flow coming as early as August 26