FAQs for Office Support

With off-site staff offices, here's how to get office support.

Building Hours

SUN - 7:30am-12:30pm

TUE - 12pm-3pm

THU - 9am-12pm

Christ Church is open Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and Sunday mornings during worship. See Calendar for other scheduled events.

Our staff is committed to supporting you and your ministries throughout the week, and we've prepared the following FAQs to help guide you.

FAQs Regarding Office Support

Q: I need to drop off or pick something up for/from a volunteer or staff person.

A: Volunteers can exchange items via the Welcome Desk east (left) closet. Staff members will look for items on the back counter behind the Welcome Desk. In either instance, be sure to contact them to let them know when and where to look for something.

Q: I need to shop for new study materials for my Group.

A: Contact Pastor Andrew to coordinate a time to access the Curriculum Closet or take a look at his list of Group materials.

Q: I left something at church on Sunday and I’d like to look for it.

A: Check the Calendar for scheduled onsite events or check the Lost and Found the following Sunday.

Q: I need to mail-order something for the church.

A: If it’s a manageable size, please have the order shipped to your home. If it’s a large or heavy package, try your best to have them deliver during posted building hours. A staff member will e-mail you when it arrives.

Q: I need to perform regular drop offs/pick ups for my ongoing ministry.

A: Work with your staff counterpart to work out a new regular time that works for both parties.

Q: I want to bring in a few things to start setting up for my upcoming event.

A: Collaborate with your staff counterpart to identify a good time to come in.

Q: I want to use Adventure Heights to entertain my kids while I meet with someone, or to get together with other moms informally.

A: Fill out our ministry/event form to reserve spaces and coordinate access to the building.

Q: I’m unsure where my event is being held.

A: Access the Calendar to get all the details you need.

Q: How can I make an appointment with Pastor Bob, Pastor Andrew, or another staff member?

A: Find their e-mail address in our Staff Directory and contact them directly.

Q: I have a number of people coming into the church for a scheduled meeting. Should I unlock the doors while greeting people? Do I need to lock the doors once everyone has arrived?

A: If you are the only group in the building, it is preferred that the doors remain locked while your meeting is taking place, for your safety and the security of the building. By all means, feel free to unlock the doors while people are arriving.

Q: I need to fill out a reimbursement form.

A: You can pick one up at the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings or access our reimbursement form online.

Q: I want to sign up for an event.

A: All event signups are done online at ChristChurchMequon.LIFE/events.

Q: I want to set up a building tour.

A: You can get a tour any Sunday morning by visiting the Welcome Desk. To arrange another time, please leave a message at 262-243-3093 or email [email protected].

Q: I want to set up electronic giving.

A: Check out all the options at ChristChurchMequon.org/giving/.

Q: I want to become a Covenant Member.

A: Pick up a Membership Packet on Sunday morning at the Atrium brochure boards or print your own at ChristChurchMequon.life/membership.

Q: I want to put an event/meeting on the calendar or book a room.

A: You can reserve a meeting room or submit a calendar request online.