Holy Land Tour 2023

Travel with Pastor Bob and Pastor Wayne Skaff to Israel in spring of 2023.

FEB 28-MAR 12, 2023

Save the dates and start planning!

You are invited to discover the beauty and splendor of our Christian roots as Pastor Bob Suhr, Pastor Wayne Skaff, and local guide Jane Ben Ari share in a life-changing experience as the word of God comes alive while we walk through the Vatican and ancient Rome, and then on to the land of the Bible, including a side trip to Jordan. This will be Wayne's 54th trip to Israel, and 3rd trip with Pastor Bob. We will be visiting many new places and discoveries so, even if you have been to Israel before, this will be the trip of a lifetime!

Health and Safety Concerns

You will be walking in many beautiful areas in Israel, so it is important that you are physically able to keep up with the group. If you have any questions about this, contact Wayne. With his experience and hospitality, you will be well cared for.

Your safety is of utmost concern. Not one participant on these guided tours to Israel has been injured in the last 25 years.

Scenes from Israel and The Holy Land in 4K