Strong Families Care Center

A Christ Church orphan-prevention center in Ethiopia.

Preventing Orphans in Ethiopia

Strong Families Care Center is a mission of Christ Church in Mequon, WI and operates under Strong Hearts Ethiopia. The center provides a safe, nurturing place for children during the day so their mothers can work to support their family. Opened September 14, 2013, Strong Families was almost immediately at full-capacity, with 40 young children in care from infant to age three. Now, over 60 children are receiving proper nutrition, early childhood education, and basic healthcare and hygiene education. Social support, counseling, education, vocational training, parenting and life skills training are also being provided to their mothers. The center's holistic approach to caring for children and their mothers will enable them to obtain the skills and opportunities necessary for a successful future and save them from a life on the streets.

The mothers in this program may not otherwise be able to provide for their children and run the risk of having to abandon them or release them to an orphanage. By providing care, mothers are able to generate income in order to provide for their children. The children are welcome at the center five days a week.

How can you help?

Although current political unrest makes it difficult to send a missions team, you can help support this mission through a recurring or one-time donation. In general, it costs $140 per month to support a widow and child and a gift of this amount can make an enormous difference in a family. Alternatively, a recurring gift of $35, $70, $105 per month will support them at 25%, 50%, or 75%. Any one-time donation is vastly important, as well.

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