Audition information for Contemporary music ministries at Christ Church.

Audition for Called By Name

Why We Audition

Christ Church is blessed by musicians of all ranges of style, background, serving preference and ability level. Our hope is to provide everyone with a place to use their gifts in a way that best glorifies God. Some of our groups do not require an audition. However, Called By Name members are held to a certain standard because each member is exposed to the congregation, by microphone or instrument. And whether or not it seems fair, as a church grows, the expectation of excellence grows. Another reason we audition people is to get to know the individual's strengths and weaknesses so that we can place them in the best roles that match their gifts, to assure a positive experience for the one who serves and for those whom we are serving.

Our Process

Our process has multiple layers. We use this as a means to really get to know individuals, both in personality and musicality, before they begin leading our congregation in worship. We desire that those serving in Called By Name would take seriously the vision and purpose we know this ministry brings to our church and we are, therefore, committed to this process. You can learn more by reading our Vision Statement and Commitments we ask of our members. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Anna Suhr, our Worship Architect, by phone: 262-853-8532 or by email: [email protected].

Stage 1: Conversation

We trust that as you have thought about becoming a team member, you have prayerfully considered how commitment to our expectations/involvement will work in your life. Once you are ready, you can fill out the Called By Name Questionnaire below. You will then be contacted to set up a date and time for an initial conversation. The purpose of this conversation is to get to know you more as a person, to hear more about your faith journey, and to talk with you more about our vision, values, and expectations. 

Stage 2: Join our Rehearsals

If, after the questionnaire and initial conversation are completed, both you and our leaders feel that this team may be a good fit for you, you may then be invited to join us at our rehearsals. During a rehearsal, you would be encouraged to both observe the way in which we practice and join along-side us on your particular instrument or vocally. This gives you a chance to get to know our team and the way we operate before a formal audition would take place. The length of this stage may vary depending on how ready you are for the final step.

Stage 3: Audition

Once it is determined that an audition is appropriate, a date and time will be arranged. We try to have at least 2-3 of our current team members join you in the audition, if not a full band. For this reason, we usually prefer to schedule auditions just before a regular rehearsal time. You will need to prepare three songs. Several of our band members will be evaluating the audition as well, so that nothing is based solely on one person's perception. You are welcome to preview our Audition Assessment Tool.

Prepared Music

All musicians, please prepare three songs, for the area(s) that you wish to be evaluated, from our Audition Songs so that our members will be able to accompany you. (NOTE: Keys indicate which keys we play each song, which may not match the original key of the YouTube link) We highly recommend you choose songs with different styles and skills (range, key, etc.) as opportunities to show what you can do.

Vocalists, we would like you to demonstrate your ability to harmonize in addition to singing melody. Please choose two of your song choices as “lead” songs (in which you would be singing the melody) and prepare the third song for harmonizing with other vocalists.


You may choose to try your hand at improvisation. Singers, this could mean adding in vocal cues, a descant or other counter-melody parts. Instrumentalists could try out an instrumental solo somewhere during the song. This is not required, but we encourage you to consider giving it a try.