Urban Plunge Trip

A rewarding mission and training opportunity for grades 8-12, April 13-14.

Apr 13-14

4pm Fri to 7pm Sat at City on a Hill Milwaukee

$20 all-inclusive

"Plunge" into inner city Milwaukee for the weekend! You'll participate in hands-on ministry, volunteer opportunities, and training for an effective outreach in our community.

Why should I go?

  • To gain valuable missions experience
  • To transform lives in the inner city
  • To build stronger relationships with other Christ Church youth
  • To train and prepare for future missions trips

It's just $20 and is open for grades 8-12. Vans will leave Christ Church at 4:00pm Friday and return at 7:00pm Sunday.

What's included?

  • Housing and meals
  • High-impact training
  • Participation in outreach
  • On-site service opportunities
  • Hands-on ministry experiences
  • Cross-culture worship experiences

Questions? youth@christchurchmequon.org

Laura Rosman, Youth Director - (612) 390-9091

Mike Skunes, Youth Director - (612) 867-4250